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All payments are processed using the highest level of security available, PCI Level 1 and tokenization.

The protection of printing and mailing data uses SOC 2 security standards. Our SOC security plan encompasses security procedures for all other aspects of operations and production including the protection of  corporate data, computing network, plant and personnel.



All image and document files are backed up on a RAID device. This data is transferred via SSFTP. If needed, Usio will install a VPN connection between the client and itself to provide a higher level of security.


All employees must use security access to enter the building. All visitors must sign in and out, wear a visitor’s badge and be monitored while on-premises. Plants are continuously monitored by high-resolution security cameras.


All employees undergo background checks as part of their employment. Applicants that have a record of criminal activity, including by not limited to theft, gambling, drug violations, crimes of moral turpitude or felonies of any nature are not accepted.


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